About Caught Not Bought

The feeling of catching a fish or harvesting an animal is the most satisfying feeling one can achieve. Those of us who dare to engage in such exploits know this; and those who don’t cannot fathom what they’re missing.

From bluegills caught in local ponds by little kids, to trophy elk harvested only through the most grueling of hunting expeditions by the toughest hunters, no matter the size, shape or manner of your “Catch” they are all trophies.

This is the premise on which Caught Not Bought was created, the belief that the outdoors and it’s bounty are open to all who are willing to take them. The love for the outdoors breeds a camaraderie unlike any other and that is why we here at Caught Not Bought do what we do.

Provide for those you love, make memories that last a lifetime and most of all, take someone outdoors!

The Caught Not Bought Family

Mike Blume

Christine Blume

Joe Blume

Ariana Blume